Insulation – the Ultimate Energy Saver

Studies suggest that every square metre of wall insulation will save more than a tonne
of carbon dioxide over the average life of the building.

Insulation will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

One Investment, Working and Saving Money for the Entire Lifetime of the Building

No Running Costs or Maintenance

Insulation for Retrofit and New Build
Huge progress is being made in recent years via SEAI backed schemes and new building regulations to improve energy efficiency.

The benefits are there in terms of:
■ Environment – reduction of CO2 emissions
■ Health and well being of householders
■ Lowers our dependence on imported fossil fuels
■ Employment – Energy Saving; a growth industry
with enormous potential
■ Net benefit to the exchequer and society

NZEB Standard – Mininum Performance Levels


U-value assesses the rate of heat loss through a given thickness of a building element (roof, wall or floor). Ideally you would want a material which gains a small amount of heat in any given time, so you would want the U-value of a material to be low.